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Britons are weird

Confirmed by some pictures I took during my short stay in London last weekend

European Parliament launches Language Code Quiz

What could be more fun than guessing language codes?

Pluralism in plurality

Looking for mathematical precision in the grammar of the plural

Who's we

Who counts as we? I know I do. But do you?

CONMEBOL wins Golden Mommy 2014

In light of the different side awards that come with the World Cup nowadays, I would like to award the Golden Mommy: the award for the best Confederation in the World Cup.

Argentina can become most efficient World Cup winners ever

If Argentina somehow manage to arm themselves against a German Blitzkrieg and succeed in winning their third World Cup trophy, they will most probably become the most efficient World Cup winners to date.

Federations' results in Round of 16 of 2014 World Cup

An update in my World Cup side competition of which is the strongest Confederation.

Jespersen's cycle

About the origin of French ne ... pas. A grammatical tendency to surround what needs negation.

Thinking better of CONCACAF

In terms of continental football federations, North American CONCACAF has always been looked down upon. But based on the results in the 2014 World Cup, we ought to think better of them.